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Pubdate: 3/27/2023 11:35:59 AM
UNITAR-UNOSAT Potentially Damaged Buildings has been activated
(3/27/2023 11:42:04 AM - 3/31/2023 11:42:04 AM)
Floods and flood warnings during the last 24 hours reported by national services (ECHO 27 Mar 2023)
Pubdate: 3/27/2023 10:29:30 AM

Belarus: threshold level 1/1 on Pripyat and Pronya river.
Slovenia: threshold level 1/1 on Rogatnica and Dravinja rivers.
Ukraine: threshold level 2/3 on Desna and Snov river.
United Kingdom: 13 flood warnings level 2/3 over England.

(3/27/2023 10:32:03 AM - 3/28/2023 9:30:03 AM)
Spain - Wildfires in Castellon and Teruel provinces, update (ECHO 27 Mar 2023)
Pubdate: 3/27/2023 10:29:30 AM
  • According to the National Civil Defense of Spain (DSN), the perimeter of the fire that occurred on 23 March in Villanueva de Viver Municipality (Castellón Province, close to the border with Teruel Province, eastern Spain) continues to be contained at about 40 km and the burnt area is of about 4,000 ha.
  • Approximately 270 people living in San Agustín Municipality (Teruel Province) were authorized to return to their homes on 26 March while approxiamtely 1,840 residents of various areas of Castellón Province are still evacuated.
  • National authorities are still battling the fires with more than 500 troops, including the UME military and air, state and regional means along the Maimona ravine in Castellón and defence lines have been established to prevent the spread of fire towards the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park.
  • The Copernicus Emergency Management Service was activated on 23 March to provide the damage assessment ().
  • According to the  European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS), the fire risk on 27-28 March is expected to be from high to very high over the affected area. 

(3/27/2023 10:32:03 AM - 3/28/2023 9:30:03 AM)
Bolivia - Floods (ECHO 27 Mar 2023)
Pubdate: 3/27/2023 10:29:30 AM
  • Since the past week, heavy rainfall hit Santa Cruz Department (eastern Bolivia), causing the overflow of the Pirai and Rio Grande rivers and resulting in casualties and damage.
  • According to the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) and media, at least two people have died, of which one in El Torno municipality and another in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. In addition, seven people have been rescued and roads flooded.
  • On 27-28 March, light to moderate rain is expected over most parts of the Santa Cruz Department. 

(3/27/2023 10:32:03 AM - 3/28/2023 9:30:03 AM)
USA - Severe weather (ECHO 27 Mar 2023)
Pubdate: 3/27/2023 10:29:30 AM
  • Several tornadoes, strong winds, hailstorms and thunderstorms have been affecting the Lower Mississippi Valley (in particular Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, south-eastern USA) since 24 March, causing a number of severe weather-related incidents (particularly due to tornadoes) that have resulted in casualties and widespread damage.
  • NOAA reports at least 12 tornadoes across the three aformentioned states over 24-25 March. In Mississippi, the worst affected counties are: Rolling Fork, Silver City, Winona, Sharkey, Smithville, Amory and Montgomery.
  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports, as of 26 March, 25 fatalities, 55 injured, 65 evacuated people across three shelters and a total of approximately 2,000 damaged houses throughout Mississippi. In addition, FEMA reports 5,200 power outages in Mississippi, 10,500 in Alabama and 1,800 in Tennessee.
  • Over the next 24 hours, strong winds, hailstorms and thunderstorms are forecast over the already affected Mississippi and Alabama and over southern Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and the Carolinas.

(3/27/2023 10:32:03 AM - 3/28/2023 9:30:03 AM)