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Flood in Libya - EC/ECHO daily map
Pubdate: 9/21/2023 5:49:24 PM
A new EC/ECHO daily map is now available
(9/21/2023 3:52:06 PM - 9/25/2023 3:52:06 PM)
Floods and flood warnings during the last 24 hours reported by national services (ECHO 21 Sep 2023)
Pubdate: 9/21/2023 11:04:21 AM
  • United Kingdom: warning level 2/3 in England, Wales and Scotland.

(9/21/2023 11:07:06 AM - 9/22/2023 9:30:06 AM)
Australia - Wildfire (ECHO 21 Sep 2023)
Pubdate: 9/21/2023 11:04:21 AM
  • Bushfires have been affecting New South Wales State, eastern Australia State with more than 61 wildfires.
  • According to media reports, as of 21 September, several schools along the New South Wales State coast were closed. Moreover, more than 100 people evacuated their houses in Tasmania Island State.
  • Over the next 24 hours, according to the JRC Global Wildfire Information System (GWIS), the fire danger forecast is from high to extreme over the affected area.

(9/21/2023 11:07:06 AM - 9/22/2023 9:30:06 AM)
Nigeria - Floods (ECHO 21 Sep 2023)
Pubdate: 9/21/2023 11:04:21 AM
  • Over the past few days, heavy rainfall and strong winds have affected the Emirates of Dukku and Nafada in Gombe State, eastern Nigeria, causing floods and resulting in displacements and damage.
  • According to the National Emergency Management Agency of Nigeria, more than 1,336 persons are displaced, and several houses and farmlands have been destroyed.
  • For the next 24 hours, moderate to heavy rainfall with localized thunderstorms is forecast over the affected area.

(9/21/2023 11:07:06 AM - 9/22/2023 9:30:06 AM)
Libya - Floods, update (ECHO 21 Sep 2023)
Pubdate: 9/21/2023 11:04:21 AM
  • Following the floods in north-eastern Libya, an accurate assessment of the actual number of fatalities and scale of the damage remains challenging across the affected areas. 
    Urgent needs of displaced people – according to the International Organisation for Migration, IOM is estimated to be around 43, 000 individuals - include flood, drinking water, mental health and psychosocial support.  
  • According to UNOSAT, the flooded area caused by the collapse of two dams in Derna City is approximately 500 ha, with almost 2,217 buildings that have been affected, among them 5 destroyed bridges, 284 educational and 128 health facilities.
  • The EU Civil Protection Mechanism was activated on 12 September, so far 10 EU Member States offered assistance (AT, BE, BG, DE, FI, FR, IT, NL, RO, SK).
  • The Copernicus Emergency Management Service () was activated and eight maps have been produced.

(9/21/2023 11:07:06 AM - 9/22/2023 9:30:06 AM)